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    Marelli alternator CA1483IR,63377409,MAN7409

    Item Code: Features:12v, 80A used on:Ford
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    Marelli alternator CA1483IR,63377409,MAN7409

    12v, 80A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester 21358
    2 Cargo CA1483IR
    3 Bosch 0986044671
    4 Bosch 4467
    5 Bosch 9124476603
    6 Delco/Ford 1070804
    7 Delco/Ford 1097304
    8 Delco/Ford 1126052
    9 Delco/Ford 1215770
    10 Delco/Ford 1301496
    11 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DB
    12 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DC
    13 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DD
    14 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DE
    15 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DF
    16 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DG
    17 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DH
    18 Delco/Ford 98AB10300DJ
    19 Delco/Ford 98ABDB
    20 Delco/Ford 98ABDC
    21 Delco/Ford 98ABDD
    22 Delco/Ford 98ABDE
    23 Delco/Ford 98ABDF
    24 Delco/Ford 98ABDG
    25 Delco/Ford 98ABDH
    26 Delco/Ford 98ABDJ
    27 Denso 1022118031
    28 Fiat/Marelli 63321678
    29 Fiat/Marelli 63341678
    30 Fiat/Marelli 63377409
    31 Fiat/Marelli MAN7409
    32 Lucas  LRB00358
    33 Lucas  LRB358
    34 Valeo 437620



    S/N Make Model Engine Year
    1 Ford Focus I 1.8i 16V 1796ccm ZH18 98-
    2 Ford Focus I 2.0 ST170 1988ccm ALDA 02-05
    3 Ford Focus I 2.0i 16V 1988ccm ZH20 98-
    4 Ford Focus I 2.0i RS 1988ccm HMDA 02-

    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

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    2.If Above 1500usd, we accept following payment term:

    • T/T 20% in advance, balance before shipment
    • L/C at sight
    • Aplipay(Escrow)

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