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    Motorola alternator 8MR2123L,8MR2123LA,Lester 8625

    Item Code: Features:12V 65A used on:Carrier transicold trailer
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    Motorola alternator 8MR2123L,8MR2123LA,Lester 8625

    12V 65A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester  8625
    2 Motorola 8MR2123L 
    3 Motorola 8MR2123LA 
    4 Motorola 8MR2329L 
    5 Prestolite 110-611 



    1 Carrier Transicold trailer 
    2 Units phoenix ultra 
    3 Xl  kubota ct4-134 (v2203-di) 
    4 Dsl model nda94d 
    5 Carrier Transicold trailer 
    6 Units europhoenix  kubota ct4-114 (v1902) 
    7 Carrier Transicold trailer 
    8 Units optima  ct4-91-tv 1.5l diesel 
    9 Carrier Transicold trailer 
    10 Units phoenix ultra  kubota ct4-134-tv 
    11 (v2203-tv) 
    12 Carrier Transicold engines various 
    13 Models  ct4-91-tv 1.5l diesel motorola 65a 
    14 Carrier Transicold engines various 
    15 Models  kubota ct4-114 (v1902) 
    16 Carrier Transicold engines various 
    17 Models  kubota ct4-134-tv 
    18 (v2203-tv) 

    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

    If above 10pcs, the delivery time is 30-45days according to the exact quantity and model.

    1. if small amount( within 1500usd) we accept Paypal or western Union.

    2.If Above 1500usd, we accept following payment term:

    • T/T 20% in advance, balance before shipment
    • L/C at sight
    • Aplipay(Escrow)

    We can ship the goods according to your requirments or use our way to ship the goods

    1.By air ( DHL, UPS,FEDEX,EMS,OTHER)

    2.By sea

    3.By train

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