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    Bosch Alternator for John Deere,F-005-A00-027,Lester 12441,220-379,220-379B

    Item Code: Features:24V 30A Used on:John Deere
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    Bosch Alternator for John Deere,F-005-A00-027,Lester 12441,220-379,220-379B

    24V 30A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester 12441
    2 Pic 220-379
    3 Pic 220-379B
    4 John Deere TY6798
    5 John Deere TY26045
    6 John Deere SE501362
    7 John Deere AT207608
    8 John Deere F-005-A00-027
    9 John Deere F-005-A00-003
    10 Bosch   9-120-060-045


    1 John Deere Crawlers 700H
    2 John Deere Crawlers 700J JD 6.8L 115HP diesel
    3 John Deere Crawlers 750J JD 6.8L 145HP diesel
    4 John Deere Crawlers 850J JD 9.0L 185HP diesel
    5 John Deere Excavators 230LC
    6 John Deere Excavators 230LCR 6068 diesel
    7 John Deere Graders 570B 1982
    8 John Deere Graders 670B 1982
    9 John Deere Graders 672B 1982
    10 John Deere Graders 770B 1982
    11 John Deere Loaders 444H 1997
    12 John Deere Loaders 444J
    13 John Deere Loaders 544H
    14 John Deere Loaders 544J
    15 John Deere Loaders 624H
    16 John Deere Loaders 624J
    17 John Deere Loaders 644H
    18 John Deere Loaders 644J
    19 John Deere Loaders 724J
    20 John Deere Tool Carriers TC44H 1997
    21 John Deere Tool Carriers TC54H
    22 John Deere Tool Carriers TC62H

    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

    If above 10pcs, the delivery time is 30-45days according to the exact quantity and model.

    1. if small amount( within 1500usd) we accept Paypal or western Union.

    2.If Above 1500usd, we accept following payment term:

    • T/T 20% in advance, balance before shipment
    • L/C at sight
    • Aplipay(Escrow)

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