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    Bosch alternator for Case,Mccormick,0120484011,0120484018

    Item Code: Features:12V 95A Used on:Case,Mccormick
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    Bosch alternator for Case,Mccormick,0120484011,0120484018

    12V 95A


    S/N OEM Part No.
    1 Lester 12145
    2 Bosch 0120484011
    3 Bosch 0120484018
    4 Bosch 0120484026
    5 Bosch 0120484218
    6 Bosch 0986040280
    7 Bosch 4028
    8 Case A187623
    9 Case A18763
    10 Caterpillar 9X0341
    11 Cummins 3282554
    12 John Deere AH137883
    13 John Deere RE36267
    14 John Deere TY24485
    15 John Deere TY6750
    16 Lucas  LRA02731
    17 Lucas  LRA2731



    S/N Make Model Engine Year
    1 Case I.H. 5130 Maxxum 6-590 90-96
    2 Case I.H. 5140 Maxxum 6T-590 90-96
    3 Case I.H. 5150 Maxxum 6T-590 90-96
    4 Case I.H. MX100 Maxxum 6T-590 96-
    5 Case I.H. MX100C 1004-4THR 98-00
    6 Case I.H. MX110 Maxxum 6T-590 96-
    7 Case I.H. MX120 Maxxum 6T-590 96-
    8 Case I.H. MX135 Maxxum 6T-590 96-
    9 Mccormick MC115 Perkins 1104D-44TA 01-
    10 Mccormick MTX155 Perkins 119.5KW 01-

    Generally, we have 1-10pcs in the stock, so the delivery time is quickly,however, Our stock is changing everyday so if you want to buy small quantity, please check the stock with us in advance.

    If above 10pcs, the delivery time is 30-45days according to the exact quantity and model.

    1. if small amount( within 1500usd) we accept Paypal or western Union.

    2.If Above 1500usd, we accept following payment term:

    • T/T 20% in advance, balance before shipment
    • L/C at sight
    • Aplipay(Escrow)

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